How to Save and Download Free Books in PDF from Google Books  

Download Books from Google Books

How to download and save books from Google Books? Google Book Downloader (freeware) is small utility which allows you to save books from Google Books as PDF to your computer, this allows offline reading, therefore making this simple utility a must have for Google Books user.

How do I use the Google Books Downloader software? Search for the book title, copy and paste the URL into the designated form and hit enter. Note:

  • Mass downloading using software is prohibited from Google Books, there is a high percentage that Google might ban your Ip.
  • Books found online in Google Books are incomplete, Google only provides a glimpse of selected pages. Google Book Downloader only downloads what is available, thus making the book downloaded from Google Books incomplete.
  • If you like the book, do purchase it via the little link on the right hand side of Google Books.

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