1 Month Rapidshare Premium Accounts - More 50% off Rapidshare’s price!  

Easy to download many files on our website. And help our site maintains!

Over time, users of Netbks.com have grown to expect the best standards and the best links. Time has come for us to raise the bar once again and to give back to our beloved community much more than just links to download. It is time for us to allow our treasured community to download files faster while paying less money.

Starting today, not only we will provide the links, but also provide the possibility for our dearest user community to purchase 1 Month Rapidshare Premium Accounts1.

With this, not only you will be helping Netbks.com Members, which will allow us to return the favour again and again by providing more and better links, but also you will have the opportunity to buy 1 Month Rapidshare Premium Accounts at a discounted price.

Our price for a single 1 Month Rapidshare Premium Account is 4.00USD. The current cost to buy directly from Rapidshare.com is 6.99 EUR. These accounts are not stolen or acquired using illegal methods. These accounts will be created with Rapidshare points.

PayPal will be, for now, our preferred online payment method.

From now on, Netbks.com will have a new feature in our Contact Form. When selecting the “Category” in our contact form, choose “Buy Account”. In the “Message” box state your email address. You will be contacted by one of our Members within 12 hours with details about the payment.

Remember that our offer is limited and, depending on the demand, we may be forced to withdraw it.

Using our service you cannot extend your existing account and you cannot buy an account longer than one month.

All the best,

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