Extensions on Google Chrome by May.  

We all know Chrome, the new browser started by google. It started with the most basic and common features that everyone asked for. But now, we see Google slowly is adding more and more features to Chrome.

One of the reasons why lots of people still aren't using Chrome as their primary browser is because of lack of extensions (plugins, addons) in it. But firefox has a vast collection of addons available.

And according to the Google OS blog, it is expected that we will see Chrome with extensions by May 2009. A session on Chrome extensions at Google I/O conference documents revealed some information that give hints of extensions coming to Chrome.

Learn how Google Chrome makes it easy to write extensions using the web technologies you already know. This talk will cover the basics of the extensionsystem (distribution/packaging, installation, updates), as well as the different APIs to enhance with the browser.

I wonder if this will work out the right way for Chrome?

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