Contra 4 (DS) - Emulated on pc (no$gba)  

It's mean, it's intense, it's difficult, and it's a raucous good time. In a nutshell, it's Contra.
* Addictively challenging level designs
* Awesome boss fights
* Tons of great extras, including two unlockable classic Contra games
* Great mix of nostalgia and new content.

Contra 4 is awesome. And it is awesome in exactly the same ways as the classic games that bear the crest of Contra.

Contra 4 is also mean. And it is mean in exactly the same ways as its forebears. That's perhaps a longwinded way to say, "Contra 4 is totally Contra," but regardless, the point remains. From its slavish dedication and great execution of the "run to the right, shoot stuff, don't get shot" formula, to its utterly ludicrous difficulty, Contra 4 is not a game for the easily vexed, but it is one for anyone who loves a challenging shooter.

Download Here : 4.rar

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