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Internet Cafe 5.4 | 13 MB

What Is Caffe Server ? Caffe Server is application which continuously monitor status of your client computers, game consoles, tables etc. It controls time usage of your computers, maintain customers accounts, setup security, and provide you with complete logs and up-to-date reports.Main Server Control Panel On the main Server control panel are located different options:• 'Caffe' - Displays computers and their current status• 'Point Of Sale' - Point Of Sale (POS) module with complete evidence of items• 'Statistics' - Shows earnings and charged items for a time period• 'Setup' - Administrator options used to configure Internet Caffe Software • 'Logoff' - Lock Server or change employee • 'Timecodes' - This is Pre- Pre-Paid mode where you can generate and sell codes to your customers• 'Members' - Configure accounts for regular customers with special prices • 'Messages ' button - Send/Received messaged from customers • Network Traffic Monitoring' - Shows how much network traffic is generated by each customer• 'Waiting List' - Waiting list scheduling• 'Uncharged Items' button - Uncharged items currently on customers bills• 'Send Statistical Report By E-mail'• 'Shut Down' -All clients from server• 'Chain' button - Reconnect Clients to Server• 'Change And Reorder Icon Appearance' with ability to change icons, hide them or change position.

• Full POS system with manual or credit card billing
• Customizable pricing to fit your business model
• Skins to match your cafe's look
• Smart cards and many options for high security
• With download/upload limiting and much more
• Deployed in more than 170 countries in 30 languages

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