Transform Linux to Windows 7  

Transform Linux to Windows 7 | 85 MB

Microsoft continues to tease us with a RTM release of the upcoming operating system in the Windows franchise, Windows 7, which was released for public earlier on May 5th. We have seen many Windows 7 transformation packs for XP and Vista but one for Linux is new. But unfortunately, it’s not for Ubuntu.

A designer, rmtux1345, at has created a transformation pack that transforms your Kubuntu 9.04 into Windows 7. This guy here has worked pretty well in giving the maximum Windows 7 look and feel in Linux. Apart from looks, this pack also claims to make your Kubuntu work like Windows 7 in some areas. Vistar7 includes Windows 7 official wallpapers plus the ones included in beta release, user pictures, icons, all Windows 7 sound theme files, splash screens and three popular fonts from Microsoft.

rmtux1345 provides no support, updates or bug fixes for this transformation pack now. It was just created to show how similar Windows 7 interface is with KDE4.

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