Low Rate International VoIP Prepaid Calling Cards  

Skype (VoIP) is great, however, there are times when I don’t feel like talking over the laptop, and there are times when the laptop is not with me. In times like these, I use a prepaid international calling card. Back then when I was a student, I used to call back home once in a while, call charges can be expensive, that is why I use OneSuite.

OneSuite offers a full range of functions and features designed to make calling long-distance as convenient and economical as possible. It is a great alternative if Skype is not available, OneSuite is known as the low rate international calling cards. Highly recommended by me.

Low Rate International VoIP Prepaid Calling Cards


  • Different methods of accessing our network
  • Recharge your account over the phone
  • No monthly fees
  • ZipDial – Skip PIN Entering
  • RapiDial – Phone Book

Click here to compare the International Roaming rates, now you can save more and talk longer. You can get these cheap international calling cards online.

Based on my own personal experience, you ought to give it a try. Service reliability depends on the country you’re in and your mobile provider.

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