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Beijing Olympics 2008 is no doubt one of the most hyped and talked about events of this year. Two days ago I did a post highlighting various resources to Watch Beijing Olympics 2008 videos and event clips and also get latest news and updates.

However, browsing different websites and collecting information from multiple resources is a big pain in the ass. Therefore following are some desktop apps that you might find helpful to fetch all news, photos, event updates related to Beijing Olympics 2008 right on your desktop.

BBC Sports Desktop Monkey

This is a light Adobe AIR app by BBC that will efficiently fetch you the latest Olympic stories for your favorite sports.

Apart from keeping you updated with all the latest sports news, it gives you handy reminders about events that you might want to follow.

You can set up to five of your favorite sports that you want to follow and be reminded about and BBC Desktop Monkey will take care of the rest. The best part is it even automatically adjusts itself to whichever time zone your system is currently using.



The other app used to track Olympics 2008 events is the TeamUSA desktop widget that delivers up-to-date news and coverage on Team USA at Beijing Olympics 2008.

This app mainly focuses on USA team stats, news and updates and provides information about the games in which USA athletes are participating.

TeamUSA gives you the option to follow selective events or athletes.


More apps will be added to the list soon. Just make sure to get the Adobe AIR Runtime for Windows, Mac or Linux before installing these apps.

We have a good tutorial for Linux users on How to install Adobe AIR on Ubuntu Linux.

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